About BFB

Our Company

BFB owns and operates a large-scale agriculture and logistics enterprise near Temora in the Riverina region of New South Wales. We aim to provide safe and efficient agribusiness services to our customers whilst developing our sustainable footprint and supporting our community. We see the vision of sustainable agriculture as a key driver allowing us to face the challenges head on by being innovative through our practices, being flexible and adapting to change and harnessing value through collaboration.

Our History

In 1985, a partnership was formed between Peter Brabin, Bruce Firman, Garry Block and Terry Brabin who saw an opportunity to manage the movement of freight and fuel within the Riverina region, and accumulate grain from local growers on behalf of Allied Traders. The first purchase of land and silos in Temora occurred later that year, from Allied Traders, taking storage capacity to 5,000mt. In 1987, a 5,500mt grain shed was built whilst a business relationship was established with Arnott’s Biscuits. At the end of 1987, the founders employed the first two employees to assist with freight delivery and grain storage.  

In 1988, BFB Pty Ltd was formed opening an opportunity to leverage delivery and storage capacities and introduce fertiliser distribution (as an agent for Incitec Ltd) into the business. This allowed BFB to better service the needs of local and regional farmers through the delivery of crop nutrition products throughout the season. In 1989 a second grain storage shed was constructed, with a capacity of 7,000mt, bringing total storage capacity to 17,500mt.

In 1990 a fuel depot with storage capacity of 140,000 litres was constructed. In 1992, the first prime mover was purchased to link freight in with the grain and fertiliser divisions of the business. An additional four prime movers were purchased in 1993. Over the next few years, further trucks were added to the fleet and during this time, more fertiliser storage was added along with more vertical grain storage capacity.  Further expansion over the proceeding years increased grain storage capacity at the Temora depot to over 36,000mt.

In 1999, BFB entered into a joint venture partnership with Cargill Australia to develop a new grain storage site with 10,000mt vertical capacity and 120,000mt of bunker storage. This partnership opened up a range of new opportunities including railway access, increased bulk storage capacity and deep market intelligence to allow the optimisation of grain services and storage. Over the years, the BFB/Cargill JV site has undergone three expansions to strengthen the site’s grain handling and storage capacity to over 350,000mt.

BFB progressed to broadacre farming in 2002 with the purchase of the Moore Park property at Reefton just north of Temora. Strategic diversification saw BFB develop an onsite piggery allowing the full utilisation of farm products whilst capitalising on livestock waste as a form of nutritional inputs for the expanding property portfolio and regional farmers. 

In late 2002, BFB underwent a corporate restructure taking on investment by local shareholders and external parties, allowing the expansion of the entire business operation. Between 2004 and 2009, further external investment occurred allowing the rapid expansion of the farming portfolio to deliver additional operational efficiencies and production capabilities. Over the years, BFB has grown its property portfolio to over 50,000 hectares through an effective land acquisition strategy allowing full utilisation of resources and an economies of scale approach.

In early 2019, the Canadian Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP) acquired a majority stake of the company to join a number of local shareholders with the vision to further support and develop BFB as Australia’s ‘best in class’ agribusiness. In the same year, BFB introduced a chemical retail division incorporating an agronomy arm which provides fee for service to the BFB farming operation, consultancy clients and farmers within the region. 


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