BFB operates under a vertically integrated business model incorporating farmland, input sales, bulk storage, piggery and logistics divisions to deliver streamlined services and operating efficiencies across the business. Operationally, BFB is underpinned by a dedicated and experienced management and operations team that lead the challenge in delivering maximum utilisation across all divisions.


Transport and logistics have been the core of BFB since the business started in 1985. The transport division is fundamental to linking all other divisions within BFB through an efficient and networked strategy. Our logistics solutions provide local and interstate options to move grain, fertiliser and livestock for BFB and external customers. Please contact us to discuss how our logistics options can add value to your business.


Since 1985, BFB has been a market leader in handling, storing and managing market risk in bulk grain commodities. BFB and Cargill Australia operate the Joint Venture site at Temora with storage capacity of over 350,000 tonnes. Over the years, we have refined our handling processes and increased and improved our storage capabilities to offer efficient services at competitive prices throughout the year. The BFB JV operates as a closed site so please contact us to discuss access and services arrangements.


Our team of expert agronomists are committed to providing valuable direction, oversight and accurate crop management throughout the year for both BFB and external clients. Detailed advice is provided through a sound understanding of the complex processes and interactions that help drive production. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our agronomic services.


The BFB farming division commenced in 2002 with the purchase of Moore Park. Since then, expansion of BFB’s property portfolio has strategically enabled operational efficiencies and maximum utilisation to be realised. The portfolio consists of 29 rural aggregations spanning the Temora district with four satellite farms located near Cowra (Newry Downs), Jugiong (Dunolly), Nangus (Billabong) and Henty (Doodle Cooma). The total land area of the farming aggregation is approximately 52,200 ha, on which dryland cropping of winter cereals, pulses and oilseeds is carried out.


Understanding synergies has allowed BFB to diversify operations and accommodate an on-site piggery at the Moore Park property. Stock is provided fresh, quality bedding sourced from the farming operation whilst thorough waste management strategies of effluent byproduct is used to improve soil fertility across the BFB properties. Utilising our logistics capability, livestock movement is managed in accordance with guidelines to ensure the wellbeing of stock is maintained. Please contact us if you are interested in utilising pig manure for soil improvement.


BFB understands the importance of quality fuel to agribusiness operations and has been a wholesale fuel supplier to customers within the region since 1985. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how BFB can service your fuel requirements.


Fertiliser is a key to producing high quality crops and our ability to deliver high quality nutrition across the region when our customers need it most has been developed and refined since carting first commenced in 1988. Our advantage in being able to understand market requirements and locally store and deliver a variety of quality input products including urea, MAP, lime and gypsum to our properties and external customers means soil and crop nutrition requirements are serviced year round. Please contact us if you would like to learn about how BFB can assist in suppliying crop nutrition to your cropping programs.


Since 2019, BFB has positioned itself as a local retail provider of input products to the BFB business, consultancy clients and farming public . As a member of the National Rural Independents (NRI), BFB leverages the quality inputs available in conjunction with detailed agronomic services to ensure maximum efficacy of products. Please contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of our competitively priced ag chemical products.

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